We at CMR National Public School celebrated India’s 73rd Republic day by hosting an Intra school Mono Acting competition based on the theme of patriotism. Indeed what a wonderful way to instill the value of patriotism in all the students than seeing a visual treat of mono acting by all the participants! It is a proud feeling for every Indian citizen.

Students of Grade 1 – 4 from Ekya ITPL, Ekya BTM, Ekya JPN, and CMR NPS send in their videos of Mono Acting and the selected finalists showcased their performance live on 27th January. The final competition was judged by Mr. Sidharth Peddi who is currently working in the entertainment business. He has been part of short films and also hosts a podcast with two of his friends. He is currently pursuing his bachelor’s in business administration from Jain University.

The program started with Liju ma’am, faculty of CMR NPS, inviting the gathering and reiterating the house rules to everyone. Then, she passed on to me for the welcome speech where I, Vedasri Krishna student of Grade 4 CMR NPS, had the opportunity to welcome the guest judge, the HOS, coordinators, teachers, and all the participants. Liju ma’am invited Suma ma’am, the Primary academic coordinator of CMR NPS to address the gathering. Her encouraging and sweet words raised the spirits of all the participants.

Next, Joy ma’am, faculty of CMR NPS, started the program by calling out the names of the Grade 1 participants. The grade 1 students started the show with a bang!. There were many varieties of scripts like Kittur Rani Chennamma boldly standing against the British, Rani Lakshmi bai demonstrating the women power, how patriotism is a part of each one of us, to very emotional performances showing the life of children of soldiers. Another stand-out performance by a little girl from Grade 1 shows that patriotism is in every Indian and girls can equally be part of the Armed Forces. The students took care of every aspect, starting from their costumes, props to wonderful backdrops. Some of the performances were so emotional that they touched everyone’s heart.

Then, Joy ma’am handed it over to Liju ma’am to call the Grade 3 students. The Grade 3 students also had a variety of scripts like conducting a quiz competition based on patriotism, scientists inventing medicines to cure illness, and even being ready to sacrifice their lives without letting it go into the hands of enemies. They were equally enchanting and no less in terms of their preparation and confidence in their performance. Then Joy ma’am took up hosting for Grade 2. Their performances were cute and they talked about the importance of patriotism in every citizen of India. It taught us that no matter how small we are, we can always be patriotic because patriotism means standing up for our country. Liju ma’am then hosted Grade 4 participants where there were scripts about the conversation with the Prime Minister, valor of Jhansi ki Rani and sacrifices of being a soldier’s child. By the time the Grade 4 students ended the performance I just didn’t realize how one hour went by. I was surprised by the level of confidence shown by the participants in their speech, their voice modulation, and their overall enchanting performance. After all the performances, the judge applauded the performances and mentioned the difference between monologue and mono acting. Grade 4 student Saanvi

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