Today, Ms. Thejaswini joined the students of 11th and 12th grade to talk to us about pursuing a future in law. She clarified many common queries students usually have about studying and practicing law.

She began the talk by pointing out the importance of the CLAT exam to get admission into one of the National Law Schools in India. She told us what it entailed and also gave us strategies to prepare for the exam. On the other hand, she also made it clear that students might choose a different route than getting admission into prestigious schools and still build a future in law. Next, Ms. Thejaswini told us about the difference between a lawyer and an advocate, and how this difference matters in making decisions in one’s professional life. She gave us a summary of what a course in law school would look like, including how moot courts take place. She also gave us an idea about the internships and work placements that will be available to us, and how to use the experience we obtain from them.

The floor was then open to questions. In this round, Ms. Thejaswini talked to us about how one might get access to international placements and institutions to work in through exchange programs and studying law courses abroad. She also gave us an idea about what studying law will be like. She said that law is very logical and requires a strong foundation in logical reasoning and application. Ms. Thejaswini also clarified the common question of what role memory plays in law. She said that law focuses on the application of the statutes and being in touch with the updates in the law. One cannot be expected to remember everything. A lawyer will have to turn back to his/her books. Also, she stressed the importance of looking at both sides of a case.

We are extremely grateful to hear from Ms. Thejaswini. The session was valuable to us and gave us a clear understanding of what a profession in law entails. Thank you for your time ma’am.

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