Primary Assembly 4A:

The overwhelming and curious task was how to get grade 4A to perform. Many questions unanswered is how we started our preparation for the assembly. No clue as to how to execute the play and the entire agenda I started scripting. The flow of events was finalized and I informed the class about it. They were really excited. Everyone in the class wanted to participate. 

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy “ the online classes for these two years have proved the same. The kids have missed a lot and they want to make use of every minute that they have. The fact was we had limited time, the impact that needed to be created was high.

Being the first to start the assembly for the year 2022-2023 was a challenging task as we are the first to set the benchmark.

The practice happened and we were all set to perform on the 30th of June. The children were very confident but I had butterflies in my stomach.

They started with a bang. The prayer was recited beautifully and the girls in the choir sang very well. The thought for the day and the explanation for the thought was executed brilliantly. The news headlines were informative. The student talk brought an insight into the Service Learning Program.

The highlight of the day our play “The act of kindness brings a smile “ was related to the service-learning program. The kids performed beautifully. The actors and their voiceovers were splendid. The play was about how a group of friends helped a blind girl who was bullied. The story was related to how we need to help the blind and never trouble them. I was so happy and proud that my class did an excellent job.

The assembly ended with my address and an emphasis on the service-learning program. 

It gives me immense pleasure to thank everyone for giving the kids of Grade 4A  and me this wonderful opportunity.

Annie Brunette
Class teacher 4A

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