My Trip to Planetarium

Today I went to the Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium. All grade 5 students boarded the bus and started our journey to our most awaited destination.

We expected to see planets and cool sci-fi stuff but it was much better than that. 

We lined up, went to the bus, and boarded the bus.

 On our way to the planetarium, we sang songs and ate snacks. When we reached there, We saw the Anti gravity park. This place had several very interesting science experiments, suitable for both kids and adults like how pulleys work, bridges for checking weight, how light refraction happens, how optical illusions work, whispering disc, etc. The whispering disc was one such instrument that I liked the most. 

After exploring the park we entered the Planetarium. There are many posters on the moon, planets, observatories in India, asteroids and how they look and what they are built of, etc. Next, we went inside the sky theater. There we were made to sit on comfortable chairs. The dome was the screen of the theater. We saw a video on space and stars constellations. 

After that, we gathered around in the museum’s backyard where we all sat and had our lunch. Later that day we enjoyed ourselves a little bit more in the playground.

The planetarium was well maintained and showcased videos about the solar system & stars…!  We also learned about the history of space and space travel. We enjoyed it a lot. Finally, we all boarded the bus and came back to school.

It was a fun trip!

By Rithvik Agarwal, 5C & Sreenandita 5B

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