Class 12 B Special Assembly

The 6th of July, 2022 was Class 12 B’s turn to host the special assembly. Their theme was disability and CMR’s initiative to fund the education of 200 blind children through the Service Learning Program. Smiti Basu was the emcee for the assembly. Skanda Bhairava delivered the thought for the day, “Life would be boring if it did not send obstacles in our way every now and then”. Raaghav M V delivered the news, including the school news that grades 11 and 12 were preparing for the school fest, Continuum. 

Aneeketh Nair provided the Student’s Talk on how the world should be more accommodating of differently abled people so as to better allow them to integrate with society. Rashmi ma’am, class teacher of 12 B, gave the Teacher’s Talk. 

The main event of the assembly was the skit put up by the students of class 12 B. It featured Yuvraj, a 17 year old with a passion for art and basketball. He was also born without a left arm, and unfortunately, faced quite a bit of discrimination and bullying for it. He had recently been transferred to a new school, where students and teachers alike treated him differently for his disability. They questioned whether he would be able to draw and paint with his missing limb, as well as his ability to play basketball for the same reason. He proved them wrong, when he was able to submit his sketch when his able-bodied peers weren’t, and scored a basket against the bullies playing on the opposing team. The standout performance was of the PE teacher, played by Adithya Siva and voiced by Krishna Rathnam. 

An original song composed by Sasha Mathews and performed by her and Nicholas M Briggs, ‘Score the Goal’ brought the assembly to an end. Anish Bharadwaj gave the vote of thanks.

By Bianca Fernandez
Class 12 F

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