When I was in school my teacher told us that in the future there would not be any classrooms or schools. Everyone can attend the class from the comfort of their home. Teachers will use the help of technology and take the lessons. And at that time I thought to myself, it could take so many years by then I would be really old. But look at us in the year 2020 attending and teaching from home. Likewise, we are able to do a lot of things with the help of technology.

Things are changing around us so fast in a few years you don’t know what else will be a part of our life. Technology is something that grows fast and we just have to keep yourself updated with it. 

Ace of the boons or curses of technology is social media.  Yeah, it is a jinx and a boon depending on the impact of it on one’s life. The current situation is such that we can choose to spend time on social media and waste it or use social media for a better future.I am sure most of you have a social media account in one or the other platform. 

Here are some best use of social media

  1. Connecting with people

When I say connecting with people I am not talking about people from family, friends, or some random strangers on the internet because they do cool stuff online.  Because you would be practicing it already.  Connect with people who possess the same interest as you on the internet.  Like you are interested in the painting follow people who are good at art or if you are interested in science stuff follow people who work in that arena.

  1. Blog 

The best way to express yourself in an intellectual, esthetic, or emotional way to the world.  You can use blogs for anything starting from expressing yourself to reviewing a product on cyberspace.

  1. Podcast

This is one of the most popular things on the net. You can listen to people talking about science, society, history and many more things which might interest you.  Better you can embark on your own podcast where you express yourself or the knowledge on something you are passionate about.

  1. Start your own channel

Create an account on any social media platform where you can showcase your talents like art, music, dance, science experiments, cooking, and many more materials.

  1. Digital Marketing

So you have a channel already? Then learn how to market it. Learn the meaning of those Hashtags, how to make your profile/ blog/content to show up on top of the list.

How to convert your skill and talent into profitable business.

  1. Learn online

Caved in a situation where you have a lot of time and you need not go to any university/college to finish a course.  Take up an online course and attempt to improve your skills which might help you in the future.

Well, We all have a hard time dealing with the situation, but I hope this will give you a little aspiration to start with something new with a different perspective on social media.


Ms.Anjali HK

CMRNPS Teacher

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