“Every dance move counts on the notes of music” this is what I feel. Everything creates a memory, here it is the same case. Every exciting class beholds within its special moments. Those charming little faces, the unstoppable hands which are ready to shake and move. In our club, everyone is ready to dance, ready to move and ready to teach. Today, the 4th of August was a day filled with happiness. Our Ninjas and their trainers were set to start a class. So, our theme was ‘pride and patriotism’. This month, the month of Independence is what gives us strength and encouragement to give back something precious to our country. So, we planned to dance to the famous beats of patriotism. A new mashup, a new style, yet another exciting session to move on. Let’s Go!! 

With a pride feeling, we all entered the dance floor. After a long search of songs and exercises, we finally decided to move. Our trainer here, our ma’am gave us the hint and we started off. Towards the end of the class, we had completed a bit of the song. Sometimes, I felt when I saw others dancing on the stage for independence day, the only thought was I wished I was there on the stage, dancing. So, now while dancing with such joy I felt that I was at least into this preparation. My new team, new teachers and a new experience is a totally enjoyable day of the week. Yeah, Tuesday!! It’s over! No, it is over for this week. Yet, another exciting week is awaited. Dance is a feeling, a memory, a good vibe, and a joy. It develops a joy of learning and interacting. So, I would proudly say, “Practice as you’ve never won. Perform as you’ve never lost!” 



Grade 11, CMRNPS

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