The Breakfast Club is an informal online gathering of students from the sixth grade and up and their respective class teachers on the second and fourth Saturdays of a month. The duration of the meeting is thirty minutes. During this session, the students and their teachers engage in discussions that pertain to the well being of each student, and fun activities are conducted so that the students and teachers can get to know each other better on a personal level. The activities that were initiated within the Breakfast club include, writing two truths, and one lies about yourself, state one adjective that best describes you, and doodles your name on a piece of paper.

Writing two truths and one lie about yourself:-

This activity was conducted in the first session of the Breakfast club and it is comprised of the students either writing down then truths and lie down on a sheet of paper for reference or just memorizing it then they state the three things about themselves and the remainder of the class and the teacher has to guess which thing is a lie. The reason this activity was held is to test as to how much people know each other and improve their socializing skills.

State one adjective that best describes you:-

This was the second activity conducted within the breakfast club and it consisted of students scouring the dictionary to find a word that best described their personality and had to write down on a discussion board posted on Schoology by the teacher. Then they had to justify why they picked that particular word and everyone else must evaluate their justification and determine whether or not it is plausible. The reason why this activity was held is also so that the class can test their knowledge of their classmate’s personalities and preferences.

Doodling your name:-

Doodling your name on an A4 size sheet.

My initial thoughts about the breakfast club(before it was initialized) were extremely positive and I thought that the club would be an enjoyable social hangout where everyone interacts with each other and has a good time and that is still the case, in other words, the club still feels like I thought it would, but I have some issues with the club I feel need to be addressed such as the duration of the breakfast club can be increased to forty-five minutes or one hour. The reason I want the duration of the session to be increased is that there is that it allows for better interaction between the students and the teacher. The activities take up most of the duration and increasing the duration allows the ambit of the breakfast club to be greatly enhanced. The benefit of this is that this allows for longer activities and you can actually invest time and effort into completing the regular activities that are extremely short(all of them can be completed in less than five minutes). I am looking forward to having more fun and enjoyable sessions with my teachers and classmates


Jatin Naveen

Grade 6 B

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