The words JEE, NEET, SAT, CLAT, UPSE, GATE resonate amongst the millions of students across India. Every student dreams of clearing these entrance exams and gaining a seat in the “cream” of colleges. But the competition one has to face to do so is immense. Close to twelve lakh students appear for the JEE mains examination every year and a selected two lakh students clear this level, to appear for the JEE Advanced examination. Around 20 thousand to 25 thousand qualify for getting a seat in IIT, out of which a mere 10 thousand actually get admitted into the colleges. That is hardly a percent chance of a student appearing for the examination to actually get a seat! 

Competition is a necessary prospect to set those with special abilities apart, but only those can put their mind to work, work hard every day, and prove themselves can overcome this daunting battle. It’s a constant race to the finish line and people with hard work and dedication are those that make it to the end. The result of any examination doesn’t come on the last day, during your paper- your success is guaranteed with every morning that you put work in.

Students must know the harsh world that they are facing and prepare accordingly to better their odds. Firstly, students must know the examination pattern like the back of their hand. They need to study trends, be aware of the curriculum, prepare a strategy for the preparation, and persevere through daily routines of studies, and strive to continuously motivate themselves. Only then does one have a chance to crack these examinations.

But the question arises, why do so many students want to secure this seat? Why put themselves under so much pressure? The answer lays with their end goal- a seat in these ‘ivy league’ colleges. Admission into these colleges is a guarantee for success in life. A job through placements that has a high salary, a free and relaxed environment, the honor and respect that society gives, and the name that is fit for royalty are perks that cannot be ignored. It is a ticket to a comfortable and well-defined life which I what most students strive for. A seat in these colleges is proof of one ability which allows them to be trusted by others.

My dream is synonymous with the lakhs of students across India. To prove myself, to set me apart.  It is a dream that requires thousands of hours of hard work. It is a path filled with hardship and struggle. But it is the path I chose, a path with a flowery end. 

Here is to hoping that the dreams of these students are realized through their constant perseverance and hard work!


Tejaswini M

Grade – 12 B

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