“Having a sister is like having a best friend you can’t get rid of. You know whatever you do they’ll be there”.  Amy Li

While reading this quote all that I could think of are the days I wanted to get rid of my sister or get her into trouble. The reasons were countless and the feeling grew stronger every single day. I always had this feeling that she was favoured or given more attention which made me resentful. Maybe all younger siblings would feel the same way. She was a tough competition for me as we grew up. I felt that there is always something better in her which I could never match up to.

I still remember our physical fights which I would win because she was leaner than me therefore these were the times, I felt I’m better. If she would ever confess any secrets from school or college, I’m super excited as now I stand a chance to let out her secrets to our parents to get her into trouble. We have been partners in crime ensuring our parents were unaware of all that we did. There have been some unforgettable memories that we share as siblings. Whenever we meet up our conversations are about those growing up years which we joke about and share with our kids.

Sibling the meaning and role I understood after a long time. Her support every single time has helped me surpass any difficult times. Even today I can call her any point of the day without looking at the time if I need to speak to her. When she got married I couldn’t hold my tears back as I knew those days of being together will never come back. That is when I knew how important siblings are and I would never have those exciting moments with her again.

Siblings are a strong pillar of strength. Siblings play a vital role in everyone’s life as no one will know you better in this world. We all go through the times when we think about why we need a sibling but only time will teach us their importance and value. The strongest bond is the relationship shared between siblings.

I’m glad I have a sister who is my teacher, best advisor, and my best friend.

By: Ms.Anitha M
Counselor, CMRNPS

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