Virtual Trip to Hampi 

“A piece of history is worth a pound of knowledge.” 

Who says that visiting places is no more possible? Well we are here to change perspective. We the students of CMR NPS and Ekya visited Hampi on the second of March, 2021, from the comfort of our homes! 

The usual afternoon was lit up by a virtual tour to Hampi, planned and organized by the Rereeti foundation for grades 6-8. It was an interactive and informative virtual tour conducted using a zoom session that took us through the history and geography of the ancient city of Hampi. The tour started off with the presenter making us solve a puzzle of a scenic view in Hampi. Following, was a small questionnaire about the geographical features of Hampi and the ancient dynasty of the Vijayanagara Empire. We enjoyed watching a video of the rocky city that gave us a close view of its architecture, geography, and the surreal legacy left by the Vijayanagara empire 600 years ago. This felt as though we were physically present in the exalting place. She then shared with us rare images of the intricate and unique architecture made by the Vijayanagara empire in Hampi. We got intrigued by the inferences we found of each small detail in the architecture sites. We learnt about the unimaginable engineering skills the builders of Hampi acquired and practised in their times with minimal resources. Architectures like the rock chariot, Vittala temple-also known as the musical temple because of its hollow pillars that produce music while being hit, the gateway which was a maze in disguise, exhibit these exemplary engineering skills. We got to witness some of the temple’s inscriptions that serve as an inkling for this renowned empire to have links with forgein regions. To conclude the tour we were given a small activity to make our own artefacts through drawings of our favourite choices on particular topics and filling a feedback form.

This trip helped us become historically knowledgeable about the world known heritage site, Hampi, by sitting in at home. 

By, Nandhini (8B) and Harshini (8D), Students of grade 8

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