PPM ASSEMBLY – 19th February, 2020

Topic: Around the World

On the bright morning of 19th February, the Mt.Snrs/K2 presented the virtual assembly “Around the World.”  The assembly began on a prayerful note. There was an interesting news reading session that threw light on the national and international current affairs. Students depicted the importance of each country by representing their food, culture etc. The students spoke elaborately about different countries. Prathyush and Navnith of K2 had taken us to India and shared about the many languages, food, culture, festivals and traditions. Then we had Angad Dham and Noah of K2 guiding us through France. Showing us the historic places, telling us about the renowned inventions, language and delicious food.

We visited the vibrant and colourful Mexico to enjoy the Jarabe Tapatio (Mexican hat dance) with the Mexicans Praveer and Pranidhi of Mont. Sr.They took us to the world of the reptile and mammal species and later to taste the staple food of Mexico.Down under, Anya and Ashvik took us to the “must see” Great barrier reef with its amazing species of corals and fish. The Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and the Botanical Garden. Later to enjoy a snack of vegemite and toast. 

Finally, for a little relaxation. Reyan and Sagnik took us around to see the most famous landmark of Brazil, Christ the Redeemer statue and the carnival at Rio de Janeiro. The assembly was very rejuvenating, it brought back the memories of the people staying across the world. There are certainly as many reasons to go on a world tour. To have time to meet people, see different historical places and enjoy the sumptuous cuisine all over the world. Today we had our little tourists share their experiences with their buddies about some of the countries they had visited.

By: Mrs. Geraldine Catherine Kolb – PPM teacher 

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