“If we want our children to move mountains, we first have to let them get out of their chairs.” ~ Nicolette Sowder. The day to wait was over, as 20-2-2021 began at CMR NPS for all of us at the school. Yes, we at CMR NPS were eagerly waiting for our tiny tots to receive them after quite a long gap of almost 10 months. Complying with government rules, the school had to shut down abruptly without bidding a proper goodbye for the pre-primary children. They have graduated to the primary level and have been attending their classes online. 

Students started entering the campus with joy and excitement, and the teachers received them delightedly. They shared their thoughts on how much they missed the school/teachers and also expressed how much they felt thrilled to meet the teachers and visit the school campus. They were delighted to see the new block, spacious and bright classrooms, playground.They were able to recognize all the teachers, though all were wearing masks. They were equally exhilarated to meet their buddies. Krisha and Krishanth gave a lovely thank you card to all the teachers which we teachers shall cherish a lot. 

Students had a fantastic time drawing, colouring, and painting. A little bit of tapping to the music, moving and shaking their legs, and walking like animals made children laugh out loud, bringing life to our school building. Playing in the playground with friends under the supervision of physical education teachers helped children spend their stored up energy showing us how much they missed all these interactions. 

We, at CMR NPS, will cherish these memorable moments spent with our lovely children and thank parents for taking time to bring the children and for their ever understanding cooperation and support.

By: All Grade 1 Teachers

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