Ok, what comes to your mind when you hear the term ‘Reading Week’? Well, let me tell you what it is. The CMRNPS Reading Week is a series of activities lasting 3 – 5 days which involve art, spell-bee and, you guessed it, reading.

The Scholastic Book Fair is the highlight of the Reading Week, where booksellers from the Scholastic Book Company sets up a stall in the CMRNPS campus. There are various other activities, such as a Spell Bee competition, story writing, Book Review writing, and Blurb writing. Let’s see what we have done this year, with the online classes on our plate as well.

Online Reading Week Activity

This year, the COVID – 19 crisis has affected our resources, and the main field affected is education. Online classes can’t match up to regular schooling, so what do we do for the Reading Week?

Why, we change the activities, of course! 

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This year, we have done Storybook Sentences, where each student has to make a few sentences consisting of the names of 10 of his/her favourite books. Here are a few examples:

Thea Stilton, Artemis Fowl, Roald Dahl, Sherlock Holmes and Anne Frank made a cloth of Three Thousand Stitches.

While walking to Anne of Green Gables they were reading Ruskin Bond’s ghost stories and then they went to meet Nancy Drew and the clue crew, who never left a clue unbroken.

Harry Potter, The Time Traveller, met the Boys who Rocked the World after being bitten by the Crime Biter while reading Ella’s Diaries.

So as you can see, Reading Week can be fun even without school. So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, just pull out a nice book and start reading. Fiat lux!

[By the way, Fiat Lux means Have fun. So have fun!]


Dakshin Vishwanathan

Grade 8

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