International Literacy Day is on 8 September 2020 and it is a celebration that takes place every year in India. Literacy day aims to promote the importance of reading and writing skills in children. Recognizing the importance of reading, CBSE announces the celebration of Reading week, from 8 to 14 September 2020. In correlation with Reading week, CMR NPS, as a school, also organized a few related activities.

Our class teacher, Ms. Divya Jyothi, gave us insights about what we would be doing on the special Reading week morning meeting. There was also a note in the instruction pad that said we could dress up as our favorite storybook character and I was super excited and thrilled for the same. I just couldn’t wait for 10th September to dawn, and I imagined all the fun we would have in class!

On this special day, my heart was thumping loudly, my mind was racing wildly and my body just couldn’t control the excitement!

I was dressed as Princess Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, my favorite story of all time. The first activity was really nice. A story was read out by ma’am and we had to make illustrations for the same. The story readout was about a stag who hated his legs but adored his horns. But his legs were the ones which tried to save his life, and his horns were the ones which put him to death. As Ma’am read out the story, it was thrilling to recreate it through illustrations and bring it to life.

Below is the photo of the illustration made by me-

For the second activity, we had to say a few dialogues of the character we had dressed up as. My wish to be a princess came true during this occasion, and I also got to sing a beautiful song from the movie version of ‘Beauty and the Beast.’

Since I am an avid reader, this reading week activity has inspired me to follow my passion of becoming an author. This year, in particular, has been very special as it has ignited the reading spark in me. I thank my school, (CMR NPS) for conducting such events other than the regular academic sessions and also Divya Jyothi Ma’am for encouraging and supporting me.

                                 LET THE READING BUG BITE YOU TOO!

Signing off with joyful smiles


Ananya Bharath, Grade 4


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