Every week, our school does something fun, even during online classes. This week’s special was ‘Reading Week’! Reading week is one jolly time where all students get to show off their reading, narration, literary, and vocabulary skills. This year, the event was a little different from the usual Reading Week activity schedule. We were assigned to get names of 10 storybooks, and our favorite book. We did not know the activity until the morning of the event, so this left us waiting with great anticipation. The teacher divided the class into 5 groups with 5 students in each group and instructed us to frame sentences with the names of the books we got. Our hearts were pounding with excitement. It felt tough at first as we never tried doing such a unique activity, but within hardly five minutes, we started making humorous sentences and each group made at least 5 sentences. It was a fun and lively activity, and a great start for our morning!

Some sentences made by our class (8D):

  1. Thea Stilton, Artemis Fowl, Roald Dahl, Sherlock Holmes, and Anne Frank made a cloth of Three Thousand Stitches.
  2. While walking to Anne of Green Gables they were reading Ruskin Bond’s ghost stories and then they went to meet Nancy Drew and the clue crew, who never left a clue unbroken.
  3. Harry Potter, The Time Traveller, met the Boys who Rocked the World after being bitten by the Crime Biter while reading Ella’s Diaries.

After all the merry time, we became wilder when we heard that we were going to have a speaking activity (talking is something our class loves doing). We were asked to talk about our favorite book. Students spoke about famous fantasy fiction like “Harry Potter”, “Percy Jackson”, graphic novels like “Smile” by Raina Telgemeier, horror, thriller, non-fictions like “MS Dhoni”, you name it. We got to know about a lot of books and many of us got to add it to our bucket list of books to read. One of the best parts of this activity is that it reminded us of normal school.

Reading is an important skill to build and our school makes sure to conduct fun activities that help us boost these skills. International Literacy Day is celebrated every year on the 8th of September and to mark this day, our school has conducted this entertaining event.


Harshini K R

Grade 8

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