The topic given to us was something we were well-versed in, Teamwork. With our reviews approaching, we planned to finish the major work before the exams started. 

Due to a lot of cooperation from our class and combined effort, we managed to finish the script in just a few days. The script was agreed upon by everyone, and the casting was done perfectly. Never once while preparing for the whole assembly did it seem like time was against us. 

Everything that happened was faithful to the plan, as we finished the recordings right before our reviews. It was time to forget about the assembly for a while and focus on the exams. 

Few days after the exam had gotten over, working on the assembly became our major focus. The editing and the final touches were all that was left. The editing took two whole days but proved to be worth it as it received a positive reaction from the class.  

It began to feel like we were completely done with the assembly and all that was left was to add the final layer of perfection. Just then, the news of the school opening offline announced itself. This left the fate of our class assembly uncertain, as the date originally announced for our online assembly fell on a day when school would be offline. 

We started to work in such a way that we would be prepared for whatever the fate of our assembly was. The assembly turned out to be online(due to preponing) and everything went flawlessly.  A month before the assembly, all I wanted was for it to come sooner. A few days before the assembly, I nervously hoped for its delay. Now that it’s all over, I just wish I could experience all of it again. 

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