Day 2 of PIXL was a smooth sail. The day started off with the events Valorant and Soccer legends. The participants competed fiercely against rival teams and yielded astonishing results. The events lasted for an hour after which the finalists and winners were decided and so were those who were going to move to the final rounds. The second round of both Chess and Speedcubing started shortly after. Chess was a slightly longer event as the players had to stop and think about their every move. Speedcubing was a fascinating and highly entertaining event to watch. Both games were an intense battle of the wits where the players used strategy and logical thinking to gain their victory. The winners were noted and the next event commenced. The final round of Valorant started at 10:15 in the morning and continued till noon. The competition between the 2 teams was significantly amusing. The scores at the end of the game were 13-4. With the scores, the results were determined. The final round of chess started at 11:45 and ended at 12:15. The feud was an excruciatingly close one. All players were extremely competent and intelligent. The event was a success thanks to the event heads and the cooperation of the participants. The final event of the day was the final round of BGMI or BattleGrounds Mobile India. The players were divided into servers and instructed on the rules of the game. After the fiery crash of both teams that participated, the scores were announced and victors decided. PIXL was now coming to a close. The closing ceremony was conducted at 12:30 in the afternoon. The team who made this event possible was introduced and was given the floor to speak about their experience. After the organizers and volunteers of this fest came up and spoke about how it felt organizing this event, the long-awaited results were announced. The audience, including the participants, received the results with a variety of expressions and emotions. Some were happy that they won, and some were disappointed they hadn’t. The Head of School, coordinators, and teachers spoke about the event and how it was conducted. The final speech commenced and this beautiful fest was closed. PIXL had started off with a bang and had now ended successfully.

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