The footprint left today serves as a legacy for tomorrow. Such is the story of Mr. Sam Talya, the global head of Digital Marketing and e-commerce in the world-famous MNC: Philips. But the journey to where he stands, from a disappointment of a student to proud alumni of our school, is exemplary, highly inspirational, and motivational. And to benefit the ones who are in the same place as he was over 18 years ago, with his experience and knowledge: the school organized an Expert Session with Mr. Talya as our guest speaker.

Mr. Talya was an ordinary kid with extraordinary zeal to make a change. The presentation started off with him taking us on a little trip down his memory lane: where more than memories, he was reminiscent of his shortcomings with which came a word of caution to our student audience. However, epiphanies transformed Mr. Talya’s outlook towards life and where his prospect lay.

With support from peers and teachers of his dear school, he was able to grow from an average student to a school topper. He never looked back ever since. Minor setbacks did not extinguish the flame of passion in him which paid him off later, as with ambition and perseverance he completed an Executive MBA from the prestigious Harvard Business School in the USA.

With more than 13 years of experience in the corporate world, Mr. Talya has worked in several fields from designing motors to sales. However, he has already seemed to have found his niche in healthcare. And it is with good conscience he continues to contribute to it to the best of his ability.

His presentation focused more on the journey rather than the destination of reaching the chaotic world of business and marketing. Prioritizing, working towards your goals, having the right environment and people around you are some of his principles that he shared with the audience through retrospective examples of his life.

The session was wrapped up with the Q&A session where students expressed their queries through direct interaction and the closing statement was delivered to mark the end of yet another insightful session.

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