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Reading Rockets Club

I walked into school on 3rd September 2022, on barely 3 hours of sleep and completely anxious to see if my day would go as planned as president of the reading rockets club, I was in a hurry to get everything in place before the parents started walking in, but the minute I entered the campus the energy was exhilarating, you could feel the excitement radiating off of every child it truly felt rejuvenating.

The learning showcase for the reading rockets club consisted of numerous amounts of book reviews and book recommendations, along with poems and even stories that our club members wrote. It was all pinned on our class bulletin board, but I think the showstopper in my club was the human library. We had numerous parents and students stopping by our class to visit the human library. The human library was conducted by my Vice-President Saarnav Das (class: 12 F), you could give him any book from our collection, which consisted of a variety of genres, and he would read it to you, and most of the students loved the idea, as the day came to an end the excitement was not only still alive but had also increased, and I know for a fact that I couldn’t have experienced any of it without my club members, my vice president and my teachers support.

Richa Stuthi Sandeep,
Grade: 11 D.

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