Books are a uniquely portable magic – Stephen King

Reading is an extremely valuable skill and it helps you to improve your language fluency and literacy skills, enriches your vocabulary, gives you new ideas, learns new styles, exercises your brain, improves your concentration, reduces stress, and so on…

As an initiative to make us improve our knowledge, exercise our creativity and have fun at the same time, Our School CMR NPS conducts reading weeks.

Reading week 2022 –  

Reading week is usually conducted almost every year in our school and is a journey of learning and fun. Spelling bee contests, tongue twisters, reading hours, and so on…. Hours filled with joy.

Due to COVID 19, we had been attending online classes. As a change and since we miss our good old nostalgic reading weeks, the teachers and staff of CMR NPS came up with the idea of online reading week. On the first day of the reading week- Grades 7 and 8 had a jolly time making tongue twisters and challenging their friends. 

Day 2: Book Jackets

On day 2 of our reading week, our task was to make book covers!

We students had to design a creative and innovative book cover based on a bagful of mixed genres such as horror, mystery, adventure, and fantasy! Our class teacher provided us with the instructions and explained them to us.

We were divided into teams and were put into different breakout rooms where we had to make online book covers in any website or app [Eg: Canva,]. We collaborated with our team members and used our creativity, thoughts, ideas, and imagination to create the book jackets. We had to make it attractive and aesthetic-like. We discussed and made our posters- added stickers, pictures, titles, subheadings and decorated and enhanced them. Then, we returned to the main session and shared our book covers with the rest of our classmates and class teacher.

 It was an enjoyable activity and aided us to exercise our minds and think out of the box. It helped us to cooperate with our classmates and we undeniably had a fantastic time.

What an astonishing thing a book is!

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