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Written on – 27-8-2022

The love of a sister and a brother is recognized on a day called “Raksha Bandhan” commonly known in India. Today, the 23rd day of the 8th month, class 6A, presented an assembly that includes a skit that shows the bond between a sister and a brother. 

After the thought “The opportunity for brotherhood presents itself every time you meet a human being” was told, and after a speech about our loving country, the highlight of the assembly started. 

Two siblings, who hate each other, are minding their activities, and their mother comes in. She has a rakhi in her hands. That cannot be good! The siblings’ faces stubble upon a gloomy look, they state that the festival has absolutely no meaning at all.

“Knock Knock!” It’s night, and the twins hear this sound, and they undeniably think one is disturbing the other. They follow the sound,  and weird things; the sound is coming from the rakhi! Kyra, the sister, slowly lifts the rakhi and KABOOM! A figure jumps out of the rakhi. The twins get scared, but as the figure introduces itself, they slowly realize the figure is friendly!

The “figure” was just a Rakhi genie. Rakhi genie? What is that? The genie explains, “I am a genie who is inside a rakhi, other than being inside brass lamps!” Raks the Rakhi genie, is a genie who grants wishes, but only on one condition; listen to his story about Rani Karnavati and Emperor Humayun. 

As the skit continued, it is revealed how Rani Karnavati ruled her kingdom, and when she needed help, her brother came to save his sister in distress! It is also shown how Rani Karnavati sacrificed her life by jumping into the fire. 

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I am pretty sure this assembly strengthened the bonds between any brother and sister as it strengthened the bond between me and my cousin brother. Let us salute Rani Karnavti and Emperor Humayun for creating this lasting impression in Indian history!

Written by Sloka Vinoth,

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