Learning Showcase 2022

The learning showcase was a spectacular event for both students as well as parents. Students from junior grades (up to fifth grade) displayed a colorful presentation of what they learned through the semester academically through charts and diagrams whilst, whereas students from above grade five not only displayed what they learned academically but also in co-curricular activities throughout the school clubs. The learning showcase had an energetic start boosted by the performance of the junior school to the patriotic song, followed by music, a play, and a mime called “the evil mind” under the guidance of our amazing performing arts teachers. The stage was then handed over to the ‘Rock N Roll’ club who moved our audience. The portrayal of the different dance forms starting with hip hop, followed by a classical thillana in which they merged Bharatnatyam and kathak continued by the contemporary piece, concluding with a freestyle performance to a medley which left the audience in awe. Next, the Melody Launch club then grabbed the attention of their audience with the angelic voice of their singers and synchronized accelerando. Much like the Rock n roll, Melody lounge clubs our school exposes its students to a wide range of clubs such as Vogue, Environment, Anime, Picture Perfect, Tourism, Book clubs, etc, which help students embrace new interests and increase their leadership qualities. 

Every one of the clubs was assiduous in pointing out their features. students from architecture, makery, and Art factory clubs proved that Art is a selective re-creation of reality according to an artist’s metaphysical value judgments with their spectacular display of their theme “Samavesh”(coming together of art forms) and “the ideal city” in the form of models and modern art. The culinary club convinced all parents, students, and faculty members that healthy food is tasty food whilst parents were ecstatic by the ideas our future entrepreneur and businessman from the deca, shark-tank, and coding clubs had. The mock-trial and bioscience clubs portrayed their eccentric research on criminal cases and finger reading and forensic sciences. Last but not least- the personality development, Bless and design challenge clubs moved the audience through their initiative in spreading awareness on kindness, charity, and fundraising through the service learning program.

The 2022 learning showcase brought in a scholastic book fair enabling the students and parents to indulge in the rewarding world of books. The book fair had a wide range of books enabling the students to be a wizard student at Hogwarts(Harry Potter), learn mythology in the form of comics, fight alongside the avengers, be a detective with Agatha Christie, commit absurdities with Geronimo Stilton, ride a sad train with Colleen Hoover and attain enlightenment through Einstein and Swami Vivekananda. It had books for children of all age groups.

We were delighted to hear the touching words of two enthusiastic parents who shared their experiences with CMR.

Ms.Aruna Kanagaraj is the mother of two students of CMR NPS .working as a senior staff R&D engineer with Synopsis Pvt. ltd in the electronic design automation industry

 said she strongly believes that a strong education is the pillar of lifelong success. She credits the school’s well-crafted curriculum and methods of teaching. She appreciates the fun and interactive methods of teaching. 

Ms.Neena Krishna kumar a BTech in civil engineering from NIT Calicut and worked as a teacher in Kerala and then as a teacher in CMR NPS.

She says that she was delighted to see students being allowed to apply their learning in different subject areas and appreciated that the school is giving adequate importance to co-curricular as well as academics which in turn helps with student development and gives them a pathway to take off into the bright future.

With the elegant performance of all students, hard work and effort put in by all the faculty members, ideas pitched in by the student council, and last but not least the enthusiasm of our lovely parents the learning showcase 2022 conducted by CMRNPS was no doubt a great success.  

Thank you.

Anushka Samir,
Grade 11-c

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