Assemblies are a great way to learn valuable lessons and have fun while doing them. The 26th of August was the day for us students of 6B to put on a show. When we think of school or a student, one of the first words that come to our mind is obedience. This term was our topic, which is so closely associated with school life.

The night before our assembly, heavy rain had hit Bangalore. The whole ground was soaking wet. It was not practical for our assembly to be held on the stage and hence was moved to the auditorium. We students had all arrived early and taken our places before the crowd gathered. The empty seats of the auditorium were filled soon and the show was all set to begin. Our hook, Saayid came out on stage to introduce the topic and welcomed Drona for the news reading and Lavanika for the thought of the day. Drona enlightened the crowd with some interesting recent news and Lavanika gave an idea about obedience by reading a quote. After that, Saayid introduced me, Siddharth to the student talk and our class teacher, Ms. Beryl to the teacher’s talk. I explained what obedience is, how it is required for our whole society to function, and how being obedient can make us succeed in our lives. Ms. Beryl’s teacher’s talk included how obedience applies in a school setting and how it is a really important skill for students. Subsequently, Saayid welcomed the actors onto the stage for a small skit. In the first scene, a teenager named Sunil came on stage and accused his sister Seema of stealing his money. Seema denied his accusations. Sunil was angered and pushed Seema who fell and broke a vase. Suddenly, the dad enters and shouts, “Who broke the vase?”. The siblings accuse each other and both end up getting grounded. In the next scene Sunil’s friends, Rahul and Rita entered, asking Sunil if he wanted to play video games. Sunil then explained that he was grounded and couldn’t play. In scene 3, they are in a school setting and Sunil gets a diary note for pulling Seema’s hair. The siblings learn the value of obedience and apologize to their dad for breaking the vase in the final scene. After the skit, the choir and pianist entered the stage and sang a heartwarming song about obedience. Next, a vote of thanks was given. We had the credits after that which were given by me. I called out the names of each of the participants followed by the role they played. We formed a line on the stage and at the end of the credits, we held hands, took a bow, and said “Thank you!”.

This assembly was fun to participate in and gave us students a huge takeaway. It was also a great opportunity for us to face our fears of performing on stage. A huge thanks to Ms. Beryl and Mrs. Nikita Mani for supporting and encouraging us and making this assembly possible.

Siddharth V Vishnu 

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