Knowledge is an eternal sea with unfathomable depths, where the only limit for reaching the very bottom of it is you. On the fine morning of the 13th of August 2021, quiz enthusiasts of Ekya and CMR schools had a battle of wits on the online platform of Zoom. This battle of wits, where one was challenged on his/her knowledge on a plethora of topics was aptly dubbed ‘QRIOSITY’, an Intra School Quiz competition.

What is a war without soldiers and what are soldiers without battalions to associate themselves with? That being said, participants were grouped into teams: Mind Bloggers, Memory Nomads, Wikipedias, Quizpickables and Quizzicals. Although the names suggest the brainpower of the participants, there can only be one victor. The quiz had 5 rounds with exciting twists in each of them:

Round 1: Memory Nomads had an early lead but was slowly overtaken by Wikipedias and Quizpickables. A variety of questions ranging from current affairs to G.K and expertise in sporting facts were tested. As students waited with bated breath, the victorious team of this round was: Wikipedias and Quizpickables tied at 80 points each!

Round 2: To spice things up, the unforgettable feature of every trivia: The Rapid Fire, was a part of this event too. To have a certain stronghold in this round, one must be quicker than the others. This not only meant good knowledge on the happenings of the world but also how fast one can recall it. The theme of the round was Science and Entertainment where students were assigned several Breakout Rooms to discuss with their fellow teammates. All teams gave a fierce fight but the victor of the round was: Memory Nomads tied with Mind Bloggers tied at 60 points each! How the tables had turned!

Round 3: As a team, you always have someone to pick you up when you fall. However, as an individual contender, it would be a different story. Round 3 allowed only one candidate per team to participate. The selected ones carried the expectations of their teams on their shoulders and faced questions on Science and Technology with impeccable fighting spirit. However, one team had a higher need-to-win mentality and that was: Mind Bloggers with 56.3 points followed by Wikipedia’s 24.6 points!

Round 4: Round 4 was characterised as the Audio Visual Round. Participants racked their brains in guessing the right national anthems of different countries. This was followed by the visual round that tested the logical capabilities in drawing analogies, analysing patterns and making decisions on them. This round was truly an all-rounder. Only the top 3 teams with the highest scores were qualified to contend in the most awaited round: the finale. And the selected teams were: Mind Bloggers, Quiz Pickables and Memory Nomads!

Round 5: Finally, the climax of this intense battle. I think that the grand name ‘The Finale’ is justified. Even in a virtual medium, the air was heavy with exhilaration and anxiety on who will emerge as the winner of QURIOSITY – 2021. You couldn’t take your eyes off the clash of thoughts from the qualified teams and to make things more interesting the teams can choose their topics. Like the Sonata in an opera concert, the strengths of each team was exponentially glorified and gave their opponents a run for their money! Yet as dawn followed the night the triumphant team was: Mind Bloggers with a score of 286.3!

The winners are:
1st place – Team CMR National Public School
2nd place – Team Ekya Byrathi
3rd place – Team Ekya JP Nagar

Heartfelt congratulations to all the team members. Win or lose, the competitive spirit is undying as long as every step you take is a learning experience. And to end the heat of the competition on a soft note, this learning experience was the takeaway of QRIOSITY – 2021.

By, Pranav Sudhir Kashyap, Editorial Head, CMRNPS

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