The morning assembly of class 6C commenced with thanking God by prayer and this great work was done by Catherine Angelina Jerald. The assembly was hosted by Raidah Falak and Sheza M F. 

The class of 6C presented the most grateful topic gratitude. Gratitude is to be thankful to someone or something. This topic is really important because being thankful and grateful to people can make you and the person you are grateful for happy. To make the day wondrous and inspirational we auricularly discerned a wondrous thought by Aparna S. As news tells us about what is circumnavigating the world, Afnaan Khan the herald was giving us the breaking news. To share more information about gratitude we had Shalini Vishnu giving out the student’s verbalization. She shared a story on gratitude which was short but gave us a lot of information. As the class has some genuinely good artists they all made posters on the topic of gratitude to make the day colorful and inspirational by the thoughts written on the posters. Sitting in front of the screen and aurally perceiving what the person is verbalizing is always boring so Poorvi Moleyar and Dekshitha Dalabehera made it fun by telling a story. Then our preceptor Santhosh S sir gave the teacher’s talk expounding what we can be profuse of gratitude for and how we can do it, well this assembly would not be prosperous without him. All our edifiers made our day special by affirming us and sharing their opinions. At the terminus, one of the hosts, Raidah Falak (me) had leg pain from sitting for too long and her companion the other host Sheza M F had the same quandary as well so one of their friends organized a Zumba dance to refresh and make people fit in the morning. We thanked everyone for attending our assembly and gave credit to people who have taken a component to make the assembly prosperous.

I am authentically jubilant and thankful to everyone who made this assembly fun and with great prosperity. This assembly was done to make people understand gratitude. I hope this assembly was authentically good and made people understand that we should be thankful to people.

From hosting to thanking the assembly was done with great effort. And I am happy because the practice we did surely led us to an amazing result. I again thank our edifier Santhosh S sir and all the people who have taken part to make this assembly a great success and additionally Swati ma’am the CCA and Academic Coordinators for giving us the opportunity to do the assembly.

By, Raidah Falak, Grade 6C, CMRNPS

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