What mood are you in right now? What are you feeling? Are you frustrated because you can’t find a second to spare in your busy schedule today? Or are you comfortable, sitting cross-legged with a hot cup of tea and enjoying a well-deserved break? Are you anxious because you have a million things to do and don’t know where to start?

The students of Grade 11 and 12 came together on the morning of 13th August 2021 with our counselor to discuss various issues of time management.

Each of us talked about the problems we faced with concentrating and getting work done. Many students admitted that sitting down with their textbooks almost always results in doodles filling its margins. Sometimes, the very thought of having to apply your brain to something fills people with dread, and they procrastinate their work.

Some students rely on deadlines and crisis situations. The number 11:59 glaring from your computer screen is enough encouragement to scramble for a sheet of paper and submit the assignment. “I need a do-or-die situation to get me started!”.

Of course, there are those of us who get distracted by the most trivial things. See a squirrel outside your window and boom! Three hours later you have no clue why you’re scrolling through this website. Instagram, YouTube, and Netflix- ah! The Holy Trinity. These Lords of Distraction will make sure you will never get down to finishing your work.

We came to the conclusion that planning, prioritizing, and pacing yourself are the three important keys to managing your time and enhancing your productivity. Decide what to do when, find out when your productive hours are, and make sure your brain isn’t slaving away. We must work when in a ‘comfortable space’ that is free of anxiety and stress.

It was evident from the session that different techniques work for different people. Some resort to music to keep them focused and tune out distractions. Some prefer not to take frequent breaks, as resuming their work becomes difficult. Some students like to resort to a good workout whenever they are free to clear their minds. Interestingly, some students like the presence of other people while studying and play YouTube videos in the background to focus.

There is no single mantra- figure out what works for you and use it!
Finishing work is important, yes, but taking care of your health is equally important.

During this time of online forums, taking care of our mental and physical health becomes our initiative. It does not happen naturally. Never feel guilty about taking a break. Taking breaks, in fact, helps prepare your mind for what it needs to do. But remember, social media is not a break- it tires you out more. Never neglect rest and sleep well. Do not compromise on sleep. Losing out on sleep only makes you less efficient and productive throughout the day.

It is hard to balance various spheres- health, rest, work, and so on- but we must help each other and make sure none of us is suffering.

By, Aviendha Asati, 11F, Sub-Editor, CMRNPS

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