PIXL 2022 was an online gaming fest organised by the senior students of CMR NPS. It began on 9th February 2022 when the students had the opportunity to show their skills in a variety of gaming events, which was a fun and relieving experience, especially during a stressful school year. On the first day, the event began at 8 with the opening ceremony for all to enjoy, after which the students proceeded to participate in their own events. Students throughout the school participated in the various events conducted at the fest, namely- Subway Surfers, Bubble Shooter, Soccer Legends, BGMI, Speedcubing, Memory game, Tetris, Typeracer, and Chess. The events were organized for PPM to 12th grade. It was great fun to interact with the primary students on Day 1. They were very characteristic and cooperative. The hosts were also glad to entertain the senior students. It was wholesome watching all the young students interact with the hosts during their events while looking excited to be a part of the fest. It was truly a joy watching each student’s face light up as the events started and as each of them shared their experience with us in utter delight. Each event was well-executed and entertaining and the day went smoothly. The memory of hosting the event is one that the senior students will never forget. All the hard- work put in by the hosts lead to a beautiful outcome, as seen throughout the day.  Hosting and participating in a fest was a true learning opportunity for all the students, which could not have been as successful without their wonderful teachers guiding them all the way through. It was an enthralling experience for all students and the first day was just the beginning.

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