Physical Activity’s Importance

“Mom, I am really tired, I have had a long day with a lot of work to do. I wonder when I will get rid of this tiredness and leg pain”…
This is what most of us tell our moms or at least think for ourselves right? This is something that we are doing wrong every day. How easy it is to avoid homework or any physical activities, but do you realize something? Physical activities are what makes you strong and active or else you will get headaches, back pain, leg pain, hand pain, and what not. We get up in the morning and start attending school, so our brain can stay active and constantly think about something, or else what is the use of getting up in the morning. The only time you give a rest to your body/brain/eyes or any part of your body is when you sleep. Sleep is not a bad thing, but everyone should know the right time to sleep and the wrong time. I do have a solution for this. Physical activities such as “Yoga, martial arts, exercises, dancing and something that makes your body move is something that you can do to avoid such pains and tiredness, especially if you get up early in the morning, do few exercises/meditation/any physical activity which can make you fit and stronger will give a bright start to your day and keep you fresh with no pain. Some people after reading this blog might tell “I am too lazy to do all this/this is a waste of time. But do try it and then tell if it’s a waste of time or not, cause I have trust in you all, you all have trust in yourselves so prove yourselves you are better than you think and you are the best versions of yourself. This also brings positivity to your day. You all might think that I am just saying all this because I have to say, but the truth is I have tried all this for months, and it works, I have a smile on my face throughout the day even at the worst moments and I know how to handle it. So why don’t you try it yourselves? Come on! “Let’s exercise!!”Now I will give you all a few exercises that you can try at home!

1. Suryanamaskar- Suryanamaskar Is one of the best exercises if done in the morning, gives sunshine, positivity, and happiness to your day! As the word suggests: Surya + Namaskar=You are doing prayers/worship for the Surya(Sun). Here is a picture to show how it’s done, although there are many different ways of doing it, you can follow anything!

2. Walking-“What is she talking about? Walking is an exercise”? This is what you might be thinking, of course walking is an exercise.. Have you ever gone jogging/cycling/running/walking in the evenings/mornings, then that is one way to improve your fitness..

3. Swimming-Swimming is another great exercise for our body.. It gives our Body flexibility, fitness, stamina etc..

There are many more exercises you can definitely try,but all these are exercises which I personally find fun,interesting,unique and really helpful..hope you all liked my blog and will put it on trial..Thank you for taking your precious time to read my blog on” Physical activity’s Importance”..

By, Reshna R, Grade 8D, CMRNPS

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