Life Is Beautiful – Movie Review

When you think about the Holocaust, what comes to your mind? The Nazis, Hitler, concentration camps, genocide, Jews, and death. But for this 5-year old boy, Giosuè or Joshua, the stay at the concentration camp is nothing but a complicated game.

The movie “Life is Beautiful” is a comedy-drama film set during the Second World War, in 1944 when Northern Italy was occupied by Nazi Germany. Benjani Roberto plays the role of Guido Orefice, a Jew who is taken to a concentration camp along with his uncle and his son Joshua (Giorgio Cantarini). His wife Dora Orefice, played by Nicoletta Braschi, is an Italian who chose to join them in the camp to be close to her family.

Guido and Dora never can meet each other, but he reaches out to her in amusing ways in the camp to assure her that he and his son are alive. Guido also uses his imagination to convince his son that they are at the camp because of a game. He tells him that he can’t ask for his mother and has to stay hidden from the guards, who are all looking for him. And if he can stay hidden, they will reach a thousand points and win the game, getting a real-life tank as a prize.

In two hours, we get a glimpse at what the holocaust was, and that life is precious. We also see how in the darkest of times, love and hope can bring about a whole new world filled with optimism and brightness for the future. Controversial reviews state that the tragic truth of the actual event was not respected, but this movie conveys not only the truth but also how the tragic situation was made into a comic and fun one.

I watched this movie in Italian and was still greatly moved by the message conveyed in such a humorous yet beautiful manner. The film was phenomenal, pulling at heartstrings and making you laugh through your tears. I recommend this movie for all ages above 13 and it is a must-watch. An iconic movie that leaves an unforgettable impression on your heart!

By, Karen Grace Rohit, Grade 8A, CMRNPS

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