Are we losing the living?
My Solutions to Animal Endangerment, and Habitat Loss.

The living, nature, and the universe. This is entirely précised in my point of view. While we can’t control the ways of our universe, the living, and nature, we can, do, and will dominate, or at most, have an influence on. When taking such control over the resources at our hand, we often tend to overuse or affect the growth, and state of nature, and the living, in a negative way. These problems started small, but are turning out to be very threatening dilemmas that we are coming to face, in recent generations. These predicaments range from global warming and climate change to deforestation and forest fragmentation. One of the vital problems that I feel like humankind needs to address, to a higher degree, is habitat loss, and animal endangerment/extinction. I have jotted down many possible, if not practical, solutions that came to my mind on this front.

Deforestation and forest fragmentation can be decreased through tree mines(cut(mine) naturally occurring trees) or wood farming (farming and harvesting wood), which involves planting trees, for about 200-300 acres, split into subsections, and harvesting them down. This can be done repetitively as a cycle, and mustn’t affect more than 10% of conservatory areas, and wildlife/forest. Chemicals and organic growth supplements can be added to the wood farming zone to give growth spurts. To set up and start this system, a minimum of 10-50 years might be required. Laws to reduce, and constrict hunting, must be put in place, in forest zones, conservatory zones, or habitats of endangered organisms. Fines, penalties, and consequences should be given with no hesitation if any of the laws and prohibitions are crossed. To ensure no citizen’s occupation is spoiled, people whose occupation may be lost can be used to set up the previous wood farming and tree mining initiatives. Demand for wood, and other substances that spoil the forests, habitats of endangered animals, or the animals themselves, must decrease. Recycled wood should be used more expansively. Pollution can be lessened with the use of cleaner, renewable energies. Nuclear plants should be implemented more, and industrial wastes can be reprocessed for further energy extraction. Conservation areas can be established in higher numbers. Unused land must be improved into areas fit for conservatory projects. This will ensure the protection of nearly extinct and endangered animals. Once animals reproduce and increase their population, they can be released into the protected wild, where growth can be monitored and allowed. Per country, or at least economically stable countries, a budget of 20B$ can be put forward for these measures, with certain projects and initiatives needing more finances.

This would lead to a better and more stable environment, with lesser extinctions, habitat losses, and damage to nature. Many more solutions are out there and can be implemented, but these are my notions of what our modern people and nations can do.

“The losses of the natural world are our loss, their silence silences something within the human mind.” – Jay Griffiths.

By, Adhvik K S, BA, Grade 8 A, CMRNPS

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