Mahatma Gandhi, A great man who was a very important part of getting independence and was the preeminent leader of the Indian Independence movement in British-Ruled India. He worked very hard to get independence and never gave up. This is an example of patriotism.

Now you would have understood what the blog is going to be about, it is Patriotism.

Let’s understand the meaning of patriotism. 
Patriotism is having devotion and supporting one’s country. Not only Indians but all the citizens of the world must be patriotic towards his or her country. What roles does patriotism play in our lives?

It increases the feeling of pride and respect towards our nation. Many freedom fighters had lost their lives and worked very hard to get independence for our country so we need to respect our country and the great freedom fighters for their sacrifice. Mahatma Gandhi Ji, Bhagath Singh, Rani Lakshmi Bai, etc. Because of these great people’s patriotic feelings towards our country, we have got our independence and because of the army people working hard to protect our country on the borders by surviving the harsh climate, leaving their families, and showing patriotism, we are staying safe. and many people have died in the war

Ways to show patriotism and how Indians show patriotism 

  • Vote. Voting is the best way of showing patriotism because it shows the responsibility of a citizen.
  • Respect the national anthem 
  • Respect the national flag.

 How do Indians show patriotism

  •  Showing respect towards our national anthem which is Jana Gana Mana
  • Respecting our national Flag which is the tricolor. 
  • Respecting our national song which is Vande Mataram
  •  Respecting our country, Citizens in our country, and the freedom fighters
  • We need to respect our leaders and representatives. 

In conclusion, Patriotism is something very important because it shows our love and affection towards our country. Not only that, it is something that all of us should have because our country is our first home. 
“A Man is patriot only if his heart beats true to his country”

By, Ms. Laya Ramakrishnan

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