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A special assembly was conducted by students of CMRNPS Pre-Primary on 15th July 2021, with an incredibly informative and interesting topic “Commotion in the Ocean“. The agenda for the assembly was to know the interesting facts about the sea creatures, their habitats, food habits etc.

The event started with the introduction of “Kriti” Head girl CMR NPS welcoming the audience and the tiny tots, then it was hosted by “Audrey.” The centering activity by “Naina ” was very captivating and helped focus on the present moment, taking power away from stressful events and negative thoughts and helping people remain stable and grounded. The breathe in breathe out exercise really was very much refreshing.

The thought for the day “Individually we are drop, together we are Ocean” by Advait Rao spoke about the power we have when we bond together with great purpose.

 “Ronit” read the informative news headlines. 


Tia Mathew spoke about the oceans that cover more than 71% of the Earth’s surface. The five oceans are the Pacific, Atlantic, Indian, Arctic and Southern Oceans. The Pacific Ocean is the largest ocean. Oceans are home to a great diversity of life, including plant life, mammals, fish, reptiles and invertebrates.

The students spoke about the different Sea creatures like “Whales, Coral reefs, fishes, seaweeds, sea urchins, sharks, octopus, turtles. The information was very well delivered by these tiny tots. It was indeed so sightful to see the content shared by the students just spoke volumes. It was an amazing sight to watch Praneesha singing the rhyme, “down in the deep blue sea” which made the audience’s faces brighter and brought smiles to their faces.

The dance by Avika and Sabarivasan nailed the show. The dance was all about the sea creatures Dolphins, penguins, lobster. The book “Commotion in the Ocean” was read by Avanthika which was stupendous. It was so delightful to see her present the book with all the zeal and enthusiasm. Every single page was well-read and was very clear and gave a detailed description of sea creatures. It is recommended that the children should know about the sea creatures, their food habits, habitats etc. The voice modulation was very much appreciable. The illustrations drawn just spoke volumes about Avanthika’s imagination skills.

The main objective of the event was shared by Shreya “Importance of oceans.”It was explained so beautifully that it is our responsibility to keep our oceans safe and clean because they help us breathe, regulate climate, they are also important sources of food. Its biodiversity is incredible and It creates millions of jobs.

Our vice-principal Ms. Swati Soni applauded the hard work, the dedication that the students, parents and teachers have put in together to make this show a success. 

The host Audrey has done a marvellous job and was very apt for bringing in the step by step flow of the event. The vote of thanks was given from Ahana. The Head boy Varad Rajeev applauded the tiny tots and concluded the show.

By: Ms.Aparna
PPM Teacher

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