Can a credit card-sized computer change the world?

Technology is changing the world and the raspberry pi isn’t the first lesson on why we need to embrace our connection with technology. Some of the changes on how everything is becoming digital are gonna last. So it’s time for you to be a technology expert.

Everyone likes raspberry pie                                              
 It’s the thing of the future                                               
Huh? Oops sorry, I meant raspberry pi.

Raspberry Pi, take a wild guess, what is it? A dessert? Nope, it’s the credit card-sized computer that’s changing the world. Let’s go back a few decades to the 1980s when people learned how to code on computers and now even after computers have evolved so much they have an amazing understanding of how computers work. Come back to the present now. It’s where we need a lot more programmers and buzz! Here comes the problem: we don’t have enough of them.

Let me introduce you to a really smart person, Eben Upton the CEO and founder of raspberry pi limited. He decided to come up with a solution for this problem and it was raspberry pi. What is it though? It’s a single-board computer. Basically a computer on a single board! It has everything a normal computer has just really small. It does have one feature that sets it apart though. It’s a GPIO port. What is that now? They’re small pins on the board that is programmable. They send voltage to what they’re connected to and control it. or even receive data through electric impulse. Cool right? It’s a really good start for beginners or students who want to learn to code.

How is it affecting education? Well, that’s easy. The children of today are the future of tomorrow. And the raspberry pi can be used by kids to make small programs or by professional developers to make the video games you use today. It doesn’t have to be only in the field of Computer science it could apply to science, math, and a lot more. With the raspberry pi, you can make a video game, build a robot, make a spy camera or teach a pet to skydive (unless it’s a fish they don’t survive up so high) to the sky with tech. This little credit card-sized computer that fits in your pocket is changing the world. Funny how that works. At the end of the day, it’s the smallest thing making the biggest changes.  

By, Avani Sosale, Grade 6, CMRNPS

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