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BrahmaKumaris Organisation

A symposium was organized on 20 August 2022 in the school by a spiritual organization called the ‘BrahmaKumaris’. The environment club in collaboration with the photography club was a part of the elucidate program. 

The event started with welcoming guest speakers by the President of the Environment club. Thereafter, the participants were espoused by Mr Keshab, currently working for women empowerment and spiritual services. He acquainted everyone with the objectives and goals of their organization and highlighted how important it is to save the environment. The BrahmaKumaris organization was started in 1937 and is mainly led by women. The main goal of this organization is to transform the world by making it greener. They have over 9000+ centres which include Kammanahalli, HRBR layout, etc. 

This event was then continued by Mr Srinivas Raju, the MD of Navchaitya School and Navchaitya School and also the Coordinator of the Kalpataru Program. He gave a brief explanation about the Kalp Taruh Program. This program aims to combine the sacred process to nurture a tree as well as the soul through values. As the project is to provide sustenance to both the plant and the person who plants. So, the word has been clubbed together to form – Kalpataru. This program is a key plantation project cum mechanism by Brahmakumaris to ensure land restoration and promote higher order values for building a better-civilized society. The motto of this project is “1 person 1 plant for 1 planet”, aimed at planting a total of 40,00,000 saplings by an equal number of human beings with every person planting a sapling. Each can be termed as one of the most beautiful gifts to Mother nature from her children.

This event was then continued by a calm and peaceful meditation with soothing music which was conducted by Mrs Pavithra who is a yoga teacher and has dedicated her life to Brahmakumaris in spiritual service for over 15 years. 

The main highlight of this expert talk was that over 150 Silver oak saplings were given to the school on behalf of their organization. The app called ‘ Kalp Taruh’ was introduced by the team. This app has all the details about growing a plant and not only this it has many other features like the journey of their organization, inspirations, etc. 

An interactive event ignited the inquisitiveness of the students. They have committed themselves completely to bringing about a change for the environment. The informative expert talk culminated with a vote of thanks proposed by the Vice President of the Environment club.

Sanchita Suresh,
Teaching Staff

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