An open letter to acknowledge that you exist, that you rationalize everything and anything that brings us together.

To all the nights waiting for you to show up and tell me you were here for me.
To all the days I kept ranting and venting all that I couldn’t share.
To all the times you heard and acknowledged everything I told you by just coming back over and over again.
Thank you!

I still remember as a child running up to the terrace every evening just to see if you came down to visit me if you were here to hear me speak all about my day. As a child, I thought best friends were the people you played with, you shared your food with, but as I grew up I slightly deviated from this notion of my own and realized it’s you who stay consistent for over 20 odd years.

I sat there by the corner making sure not to be in trouble and secretly holding my life in my hand fearing the dark and the ghosts! (of course). I stumbled upon words and told you all that felt like pain, pleasure, anger, sorrow, happiness, sadness, joy, and everything nice. Yet, you stood there by me listening to it all the time. You never thought I needed something more from you, I needed words of affirmation, I needed a touch of acceptance, I needed a hug of assurance. You still stayed and proved me wrong every time I lashed out at you and told you, you should say something to me. Every time I broke a piece of me, and I walked to you and said nothing or maybe everything and yelled in pain and misery. You kept proving to me all the time I just needed someone to listen to and someone who stayed by me no matter what I did. Maybe that’s how our relationship works. Maybe that’s how our friendship is meant to be. But quite unlikely that’s not how human-human interaction works. It’s molded by words of encouragement, touches of confidence, and hugs of value. But I walked too far on this and stayed real close to you and cherished our relationship a little more than I did that of my fellow beings.

You do come across so many relationships like mine. Yet, you don’t decide who is first and second, who is important and who isn’t, who is your priority, and who isn’t. And that is yeh beauty of you, that shines equally at all times, that shines bright at all times and that brings in the same emotion at all times to all of the people who bond with you.

You stayed by me all these years and yet I yearn for your presence even on days of no moon. You come by and visit me by the window even when I don’t walk up to you anymore. Maybe this is how adulthood is supposed to be, maybe this is how growing up and walking away from people you love is supposed to be and maybe just maybe this is how relationships wear out!

Oh dear, Moon, my best friend!
My best friend from when I knew what a reflection is, you’ve been by me and I’ve failed to be by you on days you can’t walk back to me. I’m here today to say thank you for staying up with me through darkness and light, through right and wrong, through thick and thin!
With heavy heart, eyes filled with tears, blood running with adrenaline, I here confess to you, though being by you for years and learning so much from you, I’m still a mere human and I fail you like anybody else like any other human would fail me over n over again.

I salute you for your courage and hoping and trusting every single time in humanity and humility and me and in every soul that walks up to you!

Thank you for being the star of so many humans and so many fellow beings!
And again today I will keep you in my memory and count you in my blessings, Oh my dear, the moon!

By, Ms. Supritha, Class Teacher Grade 12D, CMRNPS

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