Intending to inculcate the young minds into the world of books and to become effective future storytellers, Mrs. Lorraine narrated the popular Japanese folklore-inspired from the book of Momotaro on 02-Feb-2022 to Grade 3 and 4 students as part of the reading week activity. Storytelling is an art, it makes learning effective and helps develop social and interpersonal skills.
Rithvik Agarwal student of Grade 4A shared his experience saying “Today in day 2 of the reading week we all were excitedly waiting for our Expert speaker to start the session. The session started with a melodious song in Japanese. We were a little amused as we couldn’t understand a bit though the images were good to watch. Our expert speaker Mrs, Lorraine then came online and addressed us. She took us through the amazing story called ‘The peach boy’.  It was a Japanese story. The story was about a child named Momotaro. His journey with his mates and the conquest with the  Ogres of Ogre island enchanted us. While she was narrating the story she also taught us a few Japanese words like – Konichiwa (こんにちは Hello ) 、 adicato (ありがとう。Thank you). She taught us that teamwork makes impossible things possible i.e Teamwork is dreamwork. I am thankful to our school teachers and our Expert speaker for inspiring me through this amazing story”
The students loved the fun-filled session to every bit. Mrs. Lorraine narrated the story by showcasing the appealing visuals and bringing the story to life through her voice modulations and expressions. She read along with children and narrated by using her expressions well to help them know the vibe of the book. She also made them repeat lines and interacted to keep them excited. The storyteller of the session Mrs. Lorraine made them be a part of it. The children absorbed a real and professional storytelling experience. This folklore story inspired and influenced the children to do good things and the strength of unity was conveyed. Mrs. Lorraine concluded by saying that good readers make good storytellers.
Children were ushered into the world of story-telling which encouraged them to build creative thinking and problem-solving abilities. The session was thoroughly enjoyed by every student and kept them alive throughout. They cherished this newly-found interest. It is always an amazing experience to listen to stories which eventually pushes and inspires one to read more and more books.

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