Hi all. So today International Tiger Day was inspirational right! Right from the beginning till the end everything was just about tigers. All the students of grade 5B were painted in black and yellow to pay their tribute and salute the national animal of the country – the tiger. The.opening video that was played was so cute – the cubs playing with each other and their mother was licking them out of affection. To start with, the blessings of almighty were seeked through a devotional prayer by Madhumithra. The news was read by Aadvik that gave us information about what is happening around the world.

Sriakshay and Sreya were the hosts for the day. The students’ talk was done by Sidharth vishnu’s where he talked about why there is aneed to save tigers and how they are important for maintaining the ecosystem.. He also read few lines from noted poet William Blake’s poem – The Tyger –
“ Tyger Tyger, burning bright,
In the forests of the night;
What immortal hand or eye,
Could frame their fearful symmetry?”

It was Krishiv and Sachi’s voice that guided us through a video that showed us how many species of tigers there were. Of the 9 species of tigers known, only 6 species are left now. At the start of 1900, there were about 100,000 tigers but within a span of 100 years only 3980 tigers remained which means 80% reduction in the tiger population. 

Nandana led the way by showing us how we count tigers? Is there any method? Oh Yes! – the pugmark technique, the use of camera, Scats DNA analysis – that presentation was full of insightful information. I am sure there was new learning for one and all. 

Drona – the rapper boy had worked hard to come up with a song dedicated to the tigers. He wrote it, composed it and also sang it. It was such a beautiful composition that aroused genuine respect and at the sametime concern for the dying tigers. 

Next was a beautiful and again informational presentation by Vedha –  Conservationists. It told us who are those people who are trying so hard to preserve the tigers and the good news is that the tiger population is now rebounding. It has increased to 6%. The next in the pipeline was Madhmithra’s poem dedicated to the international tigers day. Her poem talked about how we as humans should be punished for killing the tigers. Pollution , cutting trees, are major reasons for tiger extinction. 

The teachers talk reminded of how as children we loved the tiger cartoons and so now why this love is lost. Tiger is the national symbol – what if all the tigers become extinct – we will lose the national animal and our country’s pride. We need to take a pledge to take every step to preserve the tiger population. 

Our HOS – Swati ma’am talked about how she has visited many tiger sanctuaries and reserves and has seen tigers in their natural habitats. She emphasised on the role the humans need to play to preserve the tigers – preserving their natural habitat, they are also a part of the ecosystem. 

The assembly concluded with vote of thanks by Nainika and School magazine editor – Pranav. 

By, Harshith Muruguraj, Grade 5

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