Friendship is a treasure trove of connections on love and acceptance. It’s a bond developed between those who feel at home. The friendship bond one develops, can last for a day, a month, or even years. Friendship is one of the greatest bonds anyone can ever wish for. Lucky are those who have friends they can trust.

Embodying this lovely thought, we the students of 12 E present to you our class assembly based on the idea of friendship.

We began the morning with our host Sruthi starting us off and then we had Dhwani recite a beautiful shloka with her melodious voice to give us a wonderful start to the day. This was then followed up on by Sandra with a thought on Friendship which reminded all of us about the importance of friends. We then had Aditya read out the news for the day. We then had Suniska present the students’ talk with a lovely approach to friendship and how she made the first friends in her life who would stay with her for the rest of her life. This was followed by the play by our class.

The first scene was based around the protagonist Roy whose parents were laid off due to the pandemic and eventually, we’re affected by the virus. This leads Roy to live with his uncle and aunt and vacate his house. At school, over the next few days, Roy is bullied by his classmates for his attire. Day after day he is bullied relentlessly until one day his two close friends Param and Mrigakshi notice he’s sad and ask him the reason behind his dull mood. Eventually, he narrates the whole incident to them and explains to them how he has been bullied over the past few days. The friends now go and talk with rithwik and sridip to help make an online fundraiser for Roy to accumulate funds in order to pay a part of his school fees and buy him essentials. While Param and Mrigakshi go and confront the three bullies Keith, Aditya, and Sanidhya. Param and Mrigakshi both then explain to the bullies the negative impacts of bullying and how the bullies themselves are struggling too and they shouldn’t lash out their aggression on someone else. This play helps us recollect all our memories and moments with our friends and also makes us realize the importance of friends in our lives.

We then Had Vihan sum it up about how important the bond we develop with our friends is and how they look after us and help us cope through various hurdles in life. This was followed up by teachers by our class Teacher Smrati ma’am about how we can always rely on our friends and confide in them and talk to them about any problems in life and eventually get through them together.

Overall the event was a great success as it reminded every single individual in that assembly about their group of friends and all the memories they formed over the years. In trying times like these few moments such as this particular one remind us of how life was and how it will be, again post-pandemic. All we need to do is stay optimistic and talk and spend time with our friends and family.

Till we see you all again stay safe and take care.

By, Param Panda, Grade 12

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