I woke up one morning when the bright ray of sunshine hit my face. The sun was unexceptionally bright today. I lay on the bed for a few minutes without thoughts and then got out of bed. The usual morning carried on and in a few minutes, I was leaving for school. As soon as I entered the van, chaotic energy filled inside me. The van moved in a swift manner. I was already used to it. As I reached school the first period started. The deeper the period went the more bored I got. The next minute I was in the computer lab typing down a python code. Not a single thought in my head except for how to print 10 random numbers in python. I slightly tilted and peeped into my friend’s computer and found the same code as mine. The day slowly went ahead with all the many periods of school. I couldn’t wait to get home and read a book next to the window as the gleaming light reflected the words of the book.

Someone slightly shook me and everything started to disappear. My sister was shouting in my ears, “Wake up!! We are going to Nani’s house”
I got up from the bed confused, “That was only a dream”. Once I got used to the light which was flashing across the room I looked at my sister. She was completely dressed and had a huge bag, which was probably filled with books. I quickly got dressed and stuffed some things in my sister’s bag. My sister was hurrying my mom to get dressed. In a couple of minutes, we were off to my Nani’s house. As we turned across the corner of the road, there was a wide street with numerous trees and sunlight escaping from the slight gaps. I spent the day at my Nani’s house, talking and reading and getting stuffed with food. The evening got darker and the clouds were gloomy. The rain started to pour and there was somebody shaking me, this time more vigorously.

In a moment everything disappeared and I was back on my bed where the sun was gleaming bright. My mother was still shaking me, “Wake up fast, You have school!”.

I sat up straight wondering about- my thoughts were cut by my parents shouting to get ready. As the day advanced I wrote more notes and my need to go home increased. I had a splitting headache. It was like I had not slept at all. As I sat in the van I have shaken again. Things started to disappear and a bright light appeared again.

I was lying on my bed as the sunshine glistened across the window. I sat up straight. My sister again was looking at me furiously. She shouted again “ We have to go to Nani’s house! Get up quick”.She walked out of the room as I completely ignored her and started thinking about what had just happened. After a minute she entered again and started shouting again. I knew if I ignored her for another minute she would burst. So I quickly got dressed. In a matter of time, we turned down to the wide street with large trees. I spent the day again with my Nani, enjoying her warmness. I hugged her as the rain poured down. I just wanted to stay in that moment for a little longer. But something started to shake me again, bright sunshine hit my eyes and everything started to disappear. Was that a dream again? My mom was waking me up for school again. I was thinking again, this time I did not stop. Was this a dream or reality? Whatever happened was true or not? My mom looked at me confused. Before the second thought, I have shaken up again.

By, Avani Sastry, Grade 7

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