Let’s make ‘Homework’ fun

Homework is an integral part of school life that can never be wished away. As students, we shun the thought of having to complete our home assignment and tend to defer it and if given the choice would even skip it.

Most of us do not like to do homework, as it brings along a lot of stress into our daily routine
Now, let us understand the purpose of homework and try to analyse it further to make it pleasant and acceptable.

Homework has to be looked at as an opportunity for us to reinforce the learning that took place in the classroom as also to learn something more when we complete it.

It’s important that we complete our homework and assignments on a daily basis and not procrastinate. Worse, when we skip our homework, it becomes a big, bigger ghost which not only causes severe stress, it never lets us rest in peace & instead haunts us. Ultimately, this reflects, and also impacts our grades in assessments/examinations.

Homework not only surfaces the hidden potential of a student’s capabilities, but it also teaches us effective time management skills in completing tasks. However, the primary reason for homework is to strengthen classroom learning; it’s a kind of revision that also helps us relate and recall the topics at the time of examination.

Simple ways for tackling Homework:

1. Create a Time Table

It is essential to create an effective timetable, prioritizing the subjects for timely completion; set aside the most productive time of the day for homework. This will definitely go a long way to complete the assigned tasks well on time and also do it well. It also prevents the tendency to procrastinate, while developing the habit of doing homework on time, every day.
List out your Assignments and indicate the priority of the subject, based on the volume and ease of completion.

2. Create a nice, cozy space to study & do Homework- 

The study place should be quiet, well lit preferably closer to a window, have access to study material, free of any kind of clutter. In short, it should be inviting and should find it to be an organized study space to do homework.

It would also be a good idea to create an additional seating space for your Parents or siblings to assist you when required.

It would also be a good idea to have a pin-up board that will have your Time Table, To-do List, Your creations, etc.

A small storage space to keep your books, all study material, A small clock, etc will prevent the cluttering of table space. Most importantly, the shelf should be easily accessible when seated.

3. Take a Little Break

It is very important that we take short breaks of 5 to 10 minutes every 45-60 minutes, to refresh your mind. Working long hours without a break could cause more stress, turn less productive and become mechanical.

When you have a large volume of assignments to do, then split them into parts; to complete it efficiently.

4. A firm no-no to mobile phones- 

To complete our homework on time, it is most essential to curb access to mobile phones and even other devices such as Laptops, PC, unless required to complete the assignment.

Keep your mobile phone out of your reach and curb the temptation to look/browse

5. Best time to do Homework.-

All of us have those specific hours throughout when we are at the peak – most efficient, energetic, and highly creative. Those hours are the ultimate hours to do homework effectively. So to get the maximum result, it is vital to identify your time to do homework. Some students do their homework in the evening, and some do after dinner. This all depends on the student’s study habits and also depends on parents because some students take their parent’s help to do homework, and they only help them whenever they are free.

6. To Maintain Energy Level Eat Healthy-

At the end of a long day, students may feel physically and mentally tired. So to maintain the energy level, it is essential to eat healthy and a balanced diet. When you go directly into homework, it may take you long hours to complete, and it would not be your finest work. It is vital to eat healthy that motivates your energy level when performing mentally exhausting tasks. Eat light because a large amount of food can cause tiredness, so while you are studying, always eat food that is easily and quickly digested. It is important that you have a bottle of water beside you to keep you hydrated.

Other tips to make it more fun :

Listen to music, preferably classical which will get your rhythm going
Have interesting, attractive stationery which peps you to write.
Challenge yourself to complete your work against the set time.
Eat snacks and sip water.

Now that you have got all these tips, rush to get your homework done faster than you did ever before.
It may seem difficult at the beginning, but I am sure we will not just start completing our work but will also start enjoying and look forward to the time.

I am sure these homework tips will help you to perform better in the classroom and score good grades in exams

By, Sonia Rajkumar, Grade X C

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