The Name Doodling Contest

Name Doodling is something every child enjoys and I am no different! Our teachers recognized this interest of ours and held a competition during the zero period. It was a great experience and I would like to tell you more about it.

The competition was held on 30th July 2021 and it lasted for an hour or so in the morning. It was a really fun and interactive event. It reminded us of physical school when we used to sit at our desks and draw as much as we wanted during art classes and other competitions. How we miss those days! It was also a nice change from the typical classroom setting, it was a more casual environment and we had little sparks of conversations with our teachers while drawing. Some of us were goofing off a lot while others were very focused on their drawing. Even for those like me who were not particularly skilled at drawing, this was really fun! I really enjoyed it and it reminded me to draw more when I feel like it because it can be quite relaxing. Everyone put a lot of thought and effort into their own drawings and the end results definitely showed it! Each drawing was different and interesting and it taught us a little bit about our classmates. Some went for funnier, comic-style drawings while others went for more detailed and intricate artworks. Either way, I would like to applaud my classmates for a job well done!

The competition was really entertaining and I am really looking forward to seeing who will win, I know it will be a very tough choice for the judges. I think the competition was a really fun way to bring some joy into the classroom, it was a nice bonding experience and it really gave a boost of competitive spirit. 

Some people were extremely talented, and many new artists were discovered! Here is some of the work my classmates have to offer :

It was a really good time and I think it is safe to say that many of my peers would agree. Our teacher conducted a poll at the end of the session and she received a lot of positive feedback. I would love to have more competitions like this in the future!

By, Akshita Nair, Grade 7B

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