Capt Sujit Kumar, an expert pilot who flys for Air Asia owned by Tata Sons has taken up the opportunity to share his experience working as a pilot. My friends and I were privileged to get valuable advice from him. Capt Sujit Kumar has experience of 18 years, he has trained in Kerala. He talks about the necessities of becoming a pilot. The main requirement is health, pilots mostly have a lot of health problems and Capt Sujit Kumar says that a pilot’s health must be kept healthy. He has even mentioned the downsides of working as a pilot like having a lot of pressure when there is a thunderstorm or crosswinds. I was also surprised by the fact that every pilot has to go through training every 6 months to polish their skills. One thing that I noticed is that every pilot start from a small aircraft then goes on to fly bigger aircraft. So the longer you work as a pilot the larger the planes you get to fly. Flying a plane might seem hard for a beginner but with practice it is will be a piece of cake. There is one main problem every pilot faces, that is Jetlag. Capt Sujit Kumar told us about what he does to overcome this difficult problem, by sleeping according to the time of the place they had come from. Being an Expert flyer for 18 years, Capt Sujit Kumar has flown on many aircraft like Cessna 170 and the Airbus A320. He has flown for Deccan Airlines, Kingfisher, and Air Asia. He loves Crosswind landings which are very common for pilots. He even told us about the procedures for flying a plane. This expert session was so informative, Even though I was an aviation enthusiast I learned so many things from an actual pilot but mainly you must pursue your dreams and work hard enough to achieve them.

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