The spell bee competition- Finals started with great zeal and enthusiasm from the finalists. The puzzled faces of the students wondered and had questions of what would be the pattern of the questions. The hosts welcomed the students with smiling faces and settled them down. The house rules were displayed on the screen along with cheerful music and then the competition began. The finals started with the explanation of each round- the first round was named as spell-o- spell, the next round was named as mingle mangle, and then the 3rd round was named as picture speak and the final round was named as word cookie. 

Each student got one question to answer and all students showed lots of enthusiasm and answered all the questions within the given time and scored the points in the first round and between each round, the scoreboard was displayed for the students. The scoreboard showed the points that they have earned and also the time is taken. During that time the students were given riddles to solve and brain breaks activities like dance and freeze.

All the finalists across grades 1 – 4 were calm, composed, and quick to answer as the timer was on the go. We haven’t witnessed the interest dwindling among children at any given point during the competition. The participants got an equal opportunity for all the questions. The challenging part for grade 3 & 4 students, we would say, is when the teacher displayed exotic animal pictures on the slide, asked to identify and spell them out. Children were challenged in identifying the same. 

The objective of the competition was to enhance the spelling and literary skills of children by encouraging them to explore the English language, expand their vocabulary and improve their communication and comprehension skills. This helps students to improve spelling, vocabulary, learning concepts, and pronunciation. This language development program comprises learning through the play-way method and healthy competition is thus encouraged. It is also an endeavor to keep pace with technology, the demands of the new age.

Teachers facilitated the smooth organization and execution of the event. Summing up, the competition helped the children to familiarize themselves with the spellings and usage of many unfamiliar words.

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