Coding for kids is not a new topic and its popularity is growing very fast. However, you must be thinking about what is the correct age for the kids to start learning computer programming and coding? There is nothing to worry about, as there is no such correct age for learning anything new. Kids from the age of 4 to 7 years can start learning block-based programming. Here kids can create their own stories, interactive collage, games, animation, and a lot more with the help of block-based programming. 

Coding for kids is very important for a few reasons. Imagine your child wants to be an engineer. He is always fascinated by buildings, construction, automobiles, machines, etc. What do you do as a parent when he says he wants to build a house or a building? I don’t think you will buy some bricks, cement, steel, metals and send him to work. You may buy some lego blocks or building block sets and he starts constructing buildings, cars, machines or towers, etc. A similar approach should be taken for children at a tender age.   

Coding for kids is just a gamified version of coding so that children can learn computer programming or coding in an interesting and more fascinating way. Coding is a creative process and we all are aware that children are very creative. Coding for kids gives ample opportunity for children to enjoy coding. They understand and learn the basic concepts of coding at an early age. The early understanding of coding helps children to get critical thinking skills, problem-solving skills, teamwork skills, math processes, and self-confidence.

Still, are you looking for a solid reason to start coding for kids?

Problems are one of the indispensable parts of everyone’s life.  And the coolest part is we are finding solutions to all these problems and we overcome them. Have you ever gone back in time to analyse how you actually solved a problem persisting then? We identify the problem, create ideas with proper analysis, select the best idea among them, think about the pros and cons, make a decision and implement it. This systematic approach helps us to solve any problem. While coding kids are in a logical and creative world. They explore many things, create and build ideas. So the earlier you start the better.

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