What is “BIG?” What is there to change the world?
EVs. Not familiar with this term? Well, EVs are called “Electronic vehicles”.In my point of view, I think that the design of the vehicle is awesome. The way it has solved most of our problems or more likely to say the world’s problems are extremely high. The biggest problem that has spoiled nature, the main cause of extinction of animals is because of global warming. Well, these EVs are special. They use renewable energy. It is a natural energy that can be used again and again in loops for ages. For example – Solar energy, which means sun’s energy. The EVs are giving us an opportunity to make things around us better.

It has been there forEVer
Can you imagine that this idea was thought of in the 19th century? When electricity had first been created people wanted to make an object to make people move, export or travel without walking. Well, it then sparked up in the 2000s. For about 21 years we have been able to charge our cars.

Get’em in EVery size and shape
You might be thinking that I am only talking about cars. But that isn’t true. Even though the most famous option from these EVs is cars, it’s not only them. There are going to be electric vehicles on air, water, roads, or even in space if it has to be. That is so cool! It’s about time our battery cars came into real life!

What I like the most about these EVs is that they are reliable, they don’t need much maintenance and we just have to charge it like a mobile phone. How hard could that be? Yet I think just because we are using electricity, that doesn’t mean it can’t harm the environment. Electricity comes from coal and coal comes from burnt trees. For the number of people in this world, a lot of resources like trees would get wasted.

The future
The motor companies such as TATA motors and JSW plan to use another sort of renewable energy. It’s not solar, it’s definitely not chargeable batteries but it is green hydrogen. Green hydrogen is made of Solar energy and wind. These vehicle companies plan to use green hydrogen to make vehicles move like how petrol/diesel helps us now. It doesn’t even emit bad smoke! Could this be the future or a better version of an EV?

Having an electric vehicle would be an amazing experience. There would be no guilt in the world of pollution or cars releasing so much smoke. Just a simple plugin, to our vehicle and now we can sit back and relax. Reading this I bet your next car is an EV for sure!

By, Aadya Sosale, Grade 6

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