“Breathes there the man with soul so dead, Who never to himself hath said, This is my own, my native land”
-Sir Walter Scott

15th August 2021. A day of freedom, of valour, of brotherhood, of patriotism. A day of new beginnings and a day of remembrance. On this day, CMR National Public School will come together to rejoice in our country. A break from our usually busy lives, this day gives us the opportunity to thank our Mother and quiver with pride.

This Sunday, the School Leadership Team, the Specialist staff, and the Office were in school. The flag, tightly wound, will stand on our school grounds. They will unfurl it. The cloth will open slowly, revealing the orange, the white, and the green. As a gust of wind catches it, it will ripple in the air, and a sound like the roar of a tiger echoes through the school grounds. The cloth will spread out against the sky, and the flag, its majesty now exposed, will herald the coming of a new dawn. The orange, the white, and the green wave and flow from mast to tip, looking like beautiful flying dancers. There it is- the Tricolour, the Tiranga. Jai Hind.

On this day, we can bask in the glory of our country. On this day, with our hands on our hearts, we promise never to fail it. We vow that its name will always be written in our hearts.

This Independence Day, the students of CMR NPS wanted to express their love for their country. They recorded dances and songs and wrote about their country. We also had many events taking place. We had an interschool ‘Q-riosity’ quiz competition and various events across grades. The students of senior school engaged in a convocare session with our school counselor.
On most days, our school flag rises high in the building. But on this, one flag stands higher than all others. Vande Mataram. See you again next year.

By, Aviendha Asati, Sub-Editor, CMRNPS

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