The Journey of Mil Jaa Kahin 

“The possibility of a dream turning into your reality is what gives you strength” is a quote I once came across and is now something that I have experienced first hand this past month. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always surrounded myself with music and sing and hum while doing even the most menial tasks. To me, music has always been my escape and something I look for everywhere. My mother always (although out of tune) sang to me and my father who’s singing talents I was blessed with also introduced me to my earliest recollection of songs and singing and there is just never a quiet moment in my house.

But music was something I did for fun and never took seriously until we were impacted by the global pandemic and lockdown that is still in effect. I now had all the time and resources to sing and a very good friend of mine convinced me to put up a cover online in hopes that the artist would notice my cover. 

It was then this very cover that led me to the producer of my song, Rohan.

Rohan and I used to study together in my previous school and were my senior. I sent him the cover in hopes that he would listen to it and maybe help share but he found my voice perfect for this project he had in mind and was struggling to find vocals for. I was super excited and sent across vocal samples which he loved and so we met up to record the song.

The lyrics were written by another friend of ours, Manish, and together we recorded the song in Rohan’s house. We barely had the required equipment and just had a lot of fun making the song with whatever we could manage. The song went through an entire process of changes and rearrangements and the production of the song was something Rohan worked hard on. The song was finally done after a week or so but due to covid restrictions we were unable to shoot a video and this delayed the release process quite a bit. 

Prior to the release of our song we had begun releasing teasers and sneak peeks as promotion for the track and we had to extensively keep promoting it on our respective social media handles. Our friends too supported us a lot and helped us get the word out about the release and we wrote and reached out to multiple media outlets to get a feature for ‘Mil Jaa Kahin’. Though it was a tiring and sometimes disappointing process with most of our emails not getting follow-ups, we kept going and kept believing in our song. 

It was on June 4th, almost two weeks ago, that Rohan and I released my debut single ‘Mil Jaa Kahin’ and the response we got from everyone about our track has overwhelming and extremely positive. This experience is something we are so grateful for and will cherish forever. 

Our song was doing fairly well with 1k + streams on the day of release and we couldn’t have been happier but when we were able to reach through and coordinate with the producers at Indigo, 91.9 it was almost like someone was playing a prank on us and we couldn’t believe it. The radio station we’ve been listening to since we were kids would play our song and have us talk about our song on-air with radio legend RJ Niladri? It was like living a dream and we were overjoyed! 

On the 15th of June, we got confirmation from the producer at Indigo, 91.9 that they would be premiering our song and would love to meet with us to have a small segment regarding the same. I was overjoyed and overwhelmed at how quickly everything was happening and we confirmed our meeting with them for the next day immediately. On the 16th, we drove up to their office in Indiranagar and met up with Indigo producer Mr. Rohit and RJ Niladri to talk about our song. The process was amazing and something that had always been one of my biggest dreams. We had a lot of fun in the studio and were made to feel extremely comfortable at the office. We had a candid conversation with Niladri Sir and were in awe of how friendly and gracious he was to us. After the interview, Sir told us to keep making more music and that is something I will keep in my heart. 

Honestly, the entire process from the making of the song to having everyone listen to it and then going on the radio is something that I can’t believe happened to me. I’m still processing everything and just extremely happy that my dream did come true and realizing that if you work hard enough to live your dreams, they don’t shy away from turning into reality! I’m very excited for the future and hope to keep singing with all my heart. 

Song premiere on Indigo 91.9 FM today at 8:20. I got to meet RJ Niladri, talk to him do a small interview and my song will play on his show

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Interview audio and pictures at the studio-

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