A day to remember – Grade 12 Virtual Graduation ceremony. 

Graduation day is always a day of rejoicing for it marks the conclusion of yet another educational journey and the commencement of another more uncertain and probably more difficult part of one’s quest for a better life and future. 

As the session began we had students wait to see what the day had to offer to them, what events were going to be held and how are they going to graduate on an online platform? 

The ceremony started with invoking god’s blessing in an auspicious way by Apurva Babu.  Covid-19 has challenged us to think up different ways to give our students a memorable graduation day. For this year, we had a digital brochure to commemorate our 2020-21 batch. The school band presented a special performance for Grade 12 students. 

As the ceremony progressed we had our Head Girl Anisha Muthanna and Head Boy Harshil S M present their speech. Class teachers of Grade 12 and subject teachers of the senior school shared beautiful memories with the students, congratulated and wished them all the best for their future. 

Oath as an alumnus of CMRNPS was administered by our Head of School Ms Swati Soni. She also shared her best wishes for the graduating batch and that was followed by our Leadership team. 

We had our energetic PE team, put up a stunning show for the students with all the memories and the things they missed at the campus. 

We had students and parents share memories and words of gratitude for the school, management, leadership team and the teachers for always having the students back and supporting them day in and out. 

It’s hard to say goodbye as inevitable as it is. Our batch of 2020-21 will always hold a special place in our hearts and memories! All of us wished good luck and bid adieu to our Batch 21’. 

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