There was a Geek-o-Pedia an inter-House Quiz which was held on the 11th of December (Preliminary round) and 17th of December (Finals) for students from Grade 5-8. This quiz was not mainly about winning it but it was more about enjoying it. This quiz made my mind sharper, helped me think quicker, and also added some new knowledge.
The Preliminary round was for 20 minutes during which 60 odd students had to answer 40 questions that covered 40 questions from various domains. The questions weren’t difficult but tricky and involved quick-thinking skills. From here 16 students were shortlisted to the Finals.

The Finals were even more exciting and consisted of less time and questions, but it had more rounds with a gradual increase in the difficulty level at each level.
The Finals consisted of 3 rounds: the Visual Round, Masterminds, and Clever Bot. In the visual round, the judges showed individual pictures to each participant for 5 secs and the respective student had to answer it in 12 sec time. The images shown varied from identifying all objects in the given pictures (for 5th graders) (reference image: 1.1), identify the famous brand taglines for grade 6, identifying the locations after viewing google images (for 7th graders)(reference image: 1.2), to identifying the country from the vehicle number plate (reference image: 1.3).

In the second round (Masterminds), each student was given a google form which consisted of 15 aptitude based reasoning questions with a time limit of 15 minutes.

Last but not least was the Clever bot round. The judges conducted this on the platform. Students have shared the link to the quiz (in, where all students had to join. The questions were the typical current affairs type, yet made interesting because of the platform on which it was conducted. The scores were based not just on correct answers but also on how quickly it was answered. The best part of this platform is the leader board after each question.

The quiz points were given based on the timing. This factor separated the points of all the students hence preventing tie-breakers.
The winner was decided based on the total score which was the contribution of each individual of the house and the Team that topped the score was Yellow, followed by Blue House and Red House in the 3rd position. Overall I had a great time, gained new knowledge and facts, and most importantly enjoyed the quiz thoroughly.

C. Vian Poonacha
8 A

Ref 1.1
Ref 1.2
Ref 1.3

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